Sensors & Software Conquest 100E Enhanced Ground Penetrating Radar

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The Sensors & Software Conquest 100E Enhanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) locates rebar, post tension cables, and metallic conduits to determine concrete slab thickness instantly. By incorporating GPR and Power Cable Detection (PCD), this compact and lightweight device provides precise results. This ruggedly designed radar is equipped with a long battery life and a high-resolution touchscreen. The intuitive software that powers the touchscreen requires little training, allowing inexperienced testers to use this device to the best of their abilities. The Sensors & Software Conquest 100E helps mitigate risk when cutting by locating embedded targets with advanced technology. This instrument can verify a structure’s as-built condition, ensure specifications are met and save time and money.

The Sensors & Software Conquest 100E also comes with EKKO Project software which allows the user to export, visualize, and organize data. The ability to slice through multiple grids simultaneously provides impressive reports that display the data beautifully and efficiently. This GPR provides a rapid, non-invasive way to know what is in the tested concrete.