Sensors & Software LMX Series Ground Penetrating Radars

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The Sensors & Software LMX Series Ground Penetrating Radars can detect both shallow and deep targets simultaneously. This is a non-destructive GPR series that can locate utilities that cannot be located using traditional methods, such as plastic pipes or utilities that contain broken tracer wires. Other normally problematic materials that these devices can detect include asbestos cement, sewer systems, underground storage tanks, drainage tiles, vaults, foundation walls, and concrete pads. This level of versatility means that regardless of what the user is trying to locate, reliable results can be obtained.

Each product in the Sensors & Software LMX Series comes with key shared features such as screen captures and USB data transfer. Screen captures enable the user to easily save data to organize into image galleries. Data saved on the display can be transferred to a USB memory stick for archiving and analysis. Wi-Fi connectivity, hyperbola velocity calibration, horizontal scaling, and a lightweight cart also help make this series of radars be effective choices for your testing needs.

The LMX100 and LMX200 are part of the Sensors & Software LMX Series.