Multi-Amp/Megger 35200 Ohm-Spun Resistance Load

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States® rugged, light-weight Ohm-Spun resistance loads have been relied upon for decades to accurately test relays and meters in the field, shop or laboratory. Featuring current steps tailored to relay and meter testing requirements, these loads may be used individually or in banks. The newent design of Ohm-Spun loads features improved safety and operating convenience. Models are available with either a single voltage primary of 120volts or with a dual voltage primary of 120 and 240 volts. Convenient toggle switches provide current control In 0.25 ampere steps when operating at 120 volts or in 0.125 ampere steps at 240 volts.

Ohm-Spun resistance cards are woven with special wire having virtually zero temperature coefficient of resistance, assuring excellent output current stability. The resistance cards are asbestos thread impregnated with heat-resistant cement and supported in open air to allow the highest possible power dissipation with minimum wire temperature. All Ohm-Spun loads are equipped with a carrying handle and a folding stand which raises the load approximately 20 inches (51 cm).
Type "WR" Loads
Ideally suited for testing protective relays, Type "WR" 60-ampere loads incorporate terminals to connect a cycle counter (timer), a pair of heavy-duty terminals for connection of the input power supply (line), and another pair of heavy-duty terminals to connect the device under test (load). Additional features of Type "WR" loads include a rheostat which provides fine adjustment of the output current, and a rugged main switch to energize and deenergize the load, and which simultaneously applies and removes voltage from the timer terminals, thus starting and stopping an external timer. The dual-voltage load also incorporates a switch for selection of the desired operating voltage.