Narda IDA-3106 Interference and Direction Analyzer Base Unit

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The Narda IDA-3106 Interference and Direction Analyzer Base Unit is specially designed for identifying and localizing interference, impairments, and unknown sources. IDA-3106 units are designed as a hand-held unit for on-site use. However, the Narda IDA is much more than just a conventional manual direction finder. Features that used to be available only in larger scale systems have been made affordable and portable with the IDA-3106. The IDA translates the technically feasible into a tactical solution. It is a device for the “last mile”, the direct path to the target.

The wide frequency range of the IDA base unit cannot sensibly be covered with a single directional
antenna. For this reason, the Narda IDA-3106 set contains four exchangeable antennas of up to 6 GHz that are each optimized for their particular frequency range with regard to sensitivity and directivity, resulting in excellent bearing accuracy. The fact that their frequency ranges overlap each other by about 20% is of great tactical value.