Newtons4th PPA3500 Series 1 to 6 Phase Power Analyzers

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Rent Newtons4th PPA3500 Series 1 to 6 Phase Power Analyzers
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Newtons4th Ltd PPA3500
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PPA3500 Datasheet
The PPA3500 is a high accuracy 1~6 phase power analyzer able to perform reliable, accurate power analysis in a variety of applications. As a result of innovative analogue card design, the PPA3500 is packaged in a compact 2U chassis. The PPA3500 is available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 phase configurations. There is also the option to install the unit in a 19in rack providing a 2U 6 Phase solution. The PPA3500 power analyzer benefits from a full color “Dual” TFT display, this concept employs two TFT displays within one instrument, allowing for a large widescreen display area in a 2U form factor.
Newtons4th Ltd PPA3500 Features
  • High Speed Power Measurement - 5ms Datalog Interval
  • 1MHz Wideband Frequency Response
  • High Accuracy
  • DFT Real Time No Gap Analysis
  • Up to 6 Phase (8 Wire) Analysis
Newtons4th Ltd PPA3500 Specs
1 to 6 Phase Configuration Up to 6 Phase Analysis within 1 chassis
Dual Core Power Processing Enable dual analysis modes with maximum performance
PWM Motor Drive Measurements High Performance PWM Motor Drive Analysis
Leading Wideband Accuracy in 2U form factor 0.05% Accuracy with class leading high frequency performance
Wide Screen Display for 6 Phase Analysis Unique wide aspect ratio for 6 Phase Analysis
Market Leading Phase Accuracy 0.005 Degrees Phase Accuracy
Built in High Precision Shunt 30Arms or 20Arms (LC) Internal Current Shunt
Versatile interfaces RS232, USB, LAN, GPIB, Torque, Speed and Extension for ADI40 Option
Compact Size Unique 6 Phase Power Analysis in 2U form factor
Fast Sample Rate and No-Gap 1M sample/s
Wide Frequency Range DC & 10mHz to 1MHz
Model Phases
PPA3510 1 Ph
PPA3520 2 Ph
PPA3530 3 Ph
PPA3540 4 Ph
PPA3550 5 Ph
PPA3560 6 Ph