NH Research Model 9430 Regenerative 4-Quadrant AC Load Series

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The NH Research Model 9430 Regenerative 4-Quadrant AC Loads is currently regulated, with selectable phase inputs/outputs 4-quadrant single, split, or three-phase programmable AC loads that come in eight sizes ranging from 4 to 96 kW. The 9430 can simulate nearly any linear or nonlinear load and can transmit power back to the facility mains instead of letting it dissipate as heat. The 9430 bi-directional capabilities significantly expand load simulation relative to 2 quadrant AC loads. The NHR 9430 loads include digital measurement systems that feature a high-resolution waveform digitizer that provides power analysis tools typically found in equipment such as digital multimeters or oscilloscopes. The NHR 9430 AC loads provide user-defined waveforms, power and crest factor control, linear and non-linear AC loading, and many emulation modes. Due to its capacity to function in all four quadrants, the NH 9430 stands apart from other 2-quadrant AC loads, this is done by simulating the reverse current produced by inductive or capacitive loads, which returns power to the UUT (source) during the AC cycle.