AE Techron DSR 100-200 Battery Simulator

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The AE Techron DSR 100-200 is an automotive voltage drop/battery simulator that provides complete a single-box solution for immunity testing. The DSR 100-200 includes a powerful, four-quadrant, AC/DC supply capable of up to 800A surges and 200A continuous output. DSR 100-200 systems include an intuitive yet powerful standards waveform generator and a library of over 1000 pre-defined automotive and industry standard test routines. Operate the DSR 100-200 as a free-standing system using the included monitor, keyboard and mouse, or control it via LAN. The DSR Series has power in reserve meaning each model provides continuous DC power as rated and is able to provide 4X rated power for in-rush testing up to 200 mS, as is required in DO 160 Section 16.