Olympus Omniscan MX2 Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

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Rent Olympus Omniscan MX2 Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
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Olympus Omniscan MX2
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Omniscan MX2 Datasheet

This second generation Olympus Omniscan MX2 Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector increases testing efficiencies, ensuring superior manual and advanced AUT application performance with faster setups, test cycles, and reporting, in addition to universal compatibility with all phased array and ultrasound modules: past, present and future. Designed for NDT leaders, this high-end, scalable platform delivers true next-generation NDT performance. The OmniScan MX2 offers a high acquisition rate and new powerful software features for efficient manual and automated inspection performance— all in a portable, modular instrument.

The OmniScan MX2 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector simplifies and speeds up the setup process with its new Weld Overlay software feature, so you can start testing immediately. Featuring the industry-standard phased array user interface with faster-than-ever performance, a bigger and brighter 10.4 in. screen, new and unique intuitive touch-screen capabilities, and faster data transfer, enabling you to get to your next inspection quicker.

The OmniScan MX2 is now designed for IP66, and built to withstand the drops, spills, and abuse that typically occur in the most demanding inspection environments.
Olympus Omniscan MX2 Features
  • Bright, Large-Size Screen
  • Fast, Intuitive Touch-Screen Interface
  • Advanced Weld Overlay
  • High-Capacity Data Storage
  • Fast File Transfer
  • NEW OmniPC Analysis Software
Olympus Omniscan MX2 Applications
  • Girth Weld Inspection
  • Pressure Vessel Weld Inspection
  • Weld Inspection of Small-Diameter Pipes
  • Manual and Semi-automated Corrosion Mapping
  • Composite Inspection