Proceq Pundit PL-200 Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Concrete Flaw Detector

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The Proceq Pundit PL-200 Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Flaw Detector is designed to analyze the structural integrity and location of voids and defects in concrete and rock utilizing ultrasonic inspection. Proceq Pundit PL-200 concrete flaw detectors are best-in-class UPV test instrument with an extended range of measurement modes. This unit comes with a rugged touchscreen with an intuitive user interface for the best possible measuring and analysis of the measured data. Being the first Proceq flaw detector to be designed with a new generation and design-protected touchscreen united, the user can expect precision determination of crack depth. The Proceq Pundit PL-200 can operate five different scan modes: A-Scan, Line Scan, E-Modulus, Data Logging, and Area Scan.

With housing specially designed for use on-site in harsh environments, data can be efficiently tracked on a high-resolution screen. This picture quality allows for the best possible analysis of the measured waveforms. 8 GB flash memory supports storage of up to 100,000 A-Scans.