Sonatest Flaw Detector Masterscan D-70 UT

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The Sonatest Flaw Detector Masterscan D-70 UT provides robust instrument construction combined with exceptional performance. The Sonatest Flaw Detector D-70 UT Masterscan's features can be upgraded, which results in a reduction of downtime and increasing working flexibility. High levels of near surface resolution, penetrating power (450 V pulser - square and spike) and excellent signal-to-noise ration are key functions in the Masterscan range.

The Sonatest Flaw Detector Masterscan D-70 offers the inspector a fully capable and functional set of tools and software for inspection across all applications. Capabilities include encoded B-Scan, Advanced Thickness logging and Dryscan capability in a portable enclosure. Typical applications for this device include weld fabrication, corrosion detection, composite inspection, power generation, forgings and castings, bond testing, and general UT inspection.