Rohde & Schwarz ZNBT8 Vector Network Analyzer

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R&S ZNBT8 is the first multiport vector network analyzer offering up to 24 integrated test ports. The instrument can simultaneously test multiple DUTs or measure one DUT with up to 24 ports.The R&S ZNBT8 offers short measurement times even in scenarios with a large number of ports. Other highlights include a wide dynamic range, high output power levels, and inputs featuring high power-handling. The instrument operates in a frequency range from 9 kHz to 8.5 GHz.

These features make the R&S ZNBT8 ideal for applications in the mobile radio, wireless communications and electronic goods industries. The instrument is primarily used in the development and production of active and passive multiport components, such as GPS, WLAN, Bluetooth® and front-end modules for multiband mobile phones. However, its outstanding performance even allows efficient analysis of base station filters and associated demanding devices.

The R&S ZNBT8 offers superior performance over switch matrices. Its high integration density provides a very compact solution for analyzing components for up to 24 ports – occupying the same rack space as an R&S ZNB. The convenient user interface makes it easy to handle even very complex multiport measurements. The R&S ZNBT8 supports various remote control options and is easy to integrate into automated test systems.