Sorensen SGI 100-100C Programmable DC Power Supply

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Sorensen SGI 100-100C Programmable DC Power Supply
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Sorensen 100-100C
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100-100C Datasheet
The Sorensen SGI 100-100C Programmable DC Power Supply offers 100V of power and possesses a power density of up to 30 kW when fitted with a 6U chassis. The expansive voltage range operates from 0-40V to 0-600V in increments of 5 kW going from 5 to 30 kW. Sorensen SGI 100-100C power sources are efficient, sophisticated electrical generating and testing devices, featuring fast load transient response to protect the system from undesired voltage excursions, low ripple and noise settings suitable to sensitive applications and a modular design which is upgradeable to aid in investment protection. Your Sorensen SSGI 100-100C unit is also parallelable up to 150 kW, allowing for expansion as your testing requirements grow. The fluorescent display generates a 16-bit resolution with optional IEEE-488.2 + RS-232C interfaces, and direct relay control output allows for control of power output and sense isolation relays, along with polarity relays (ethernet option only).
Sorensen 100-100C Features
  • High energy density: up to 15 kW in a 3U / 30 kW in a 6U chassis
  • Wide voltage range: increments of 5 kW from 5 to 30 kW
  • Fast-response transient: protection from unwanted voltage excursions
  • Low RMS and PP noise: suitable for the most sensitive applications
  • In parallel up to 150 kW: expandable as your requirement grows
  • Modular design: upgradeable for the ultimate in investment protection
  • Sequencing: custom waveforms program
  • Easy to read fluorescent screen: SGI supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • 16 bits resolution: optional IEEE- 488.2 + RS - 232C + ethernet provides precise control
  • Ethernet control: LXI Class C compatible communication through integrated web server
  • Relay direct control: control output and isolation relay direction, together with polarity relays. (Ethernet only option)
  • Hardware trigger: ethernet option only
  • Control Options:
    • A: Analog
    • I: Intelligent
  • Input Options:
    • C: Input Voltage 187 / 242VAC, 3 Phase
    • D: Input Voltage 342 / 440VAC, 3 Phase
    • E: Input Voltage 396 / 528VAC, 3 Phase
  • Remote Control Options:
    • 0A: No Option
    • 1A: IEEE-488.2 + RS-232C
    • 1C: Ethernet + RS-232C
    • 1D: Isolated Analog Control
    • 1E: Shaft Locks (SGA series only)
  • Process Options:
    • AA: No option
    • AB: Certificate of Calibration (includes Test Data)
  • Accessories:
    • 890-453-03: Paralleling Cable (for up to 5 units, requires one cable per unit placed in parallel)
    • K550212-01: 3U Rack Slides (for 5kW, 10kW and 15kW models)
    • K550213-01: 6U Rack Slides (for 20kW, 25kW and 30kW models)
Sorensen 100-100C Applications
  • Burn-In 
  • Compliance Testing
  • Materials Research 
  • Process Control
  • Product Validation 
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Rackmount ATE Systems 
  • Battery Charging