Sorensen PRO 32-310T5 Programmable DC Power Supply 32 V, 310 A

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Rent Sorensen PRO 32-310T5 Programmable DC Power Supply 32 V, 310 A
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Sorensen PRO 32-310T5
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PRO 32-310T5 Datasheet
The Sorensen PRO 32-310T5 Programmable DC Power Supply 32 V, 310 A meets the sophisticated control and packaging requirements of high power test and measurement applications. This power supply has SCR preregulation. Optional internal IEEE-488/RS 232 capability for various programming and readback functions with 12-bit resolution and accuracy is available. Other features include outputs for remote voltage and current readings, remote OVP programming and remote shutdown. The PRO-T Series yields 80% efficiencies at full power with good regulation (<0.1%) and RMS ripple as low as 20 mV.
Sorensen PRO 32-310T5 Features
  • SCR Preregulator Topology
  • Protection and Safety
    • Unique circuit prevents load burn-out should remote programming lines open
    • OVP shutdown standard
    • SCR crowbar (Option M5)
  • Remote Programming
    • Remote control functions: voltage, current, OVP shutdown, external meter/indicator driver
    • No programming resistors in contact with output, avoids high voltage problems with programming components
    • Optional Internal IEEE-488/RS 232 Interface Card with voltage and current readback and adjustable OVP (Option M9C)
  • Regulation
    • 0.1% line and load regulation (max.)
  • Programming
    • Fast programming speed (100 to 150 ms typical)
  • Rear Panel Controls
    • Rear panel connector features: AC control, shutdown, voltage set, OVP set, local/remote current meter, remote voltage meter, OVP indication, thermal indication and remote sense.
Sorensen PRO 32-310T5 Specs
Output Power Current (ADC) 30°C 310
40°C 279
50°C 248
Voltage (VDC) 0-32
Constant Voltage Mode Regulation Line and Load mV 16-32
Ripple(RMS)**mV 20
Noise(P-P) mV 120
Resolution % .025%
Transient Response Time ms (Typ.) 40