Thermotron S1.2C Temperature Test Chamber, -73°C to +177°C

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Rent Thermotron S1.2C Temperature Test Chamber
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Thermotron S1.2C
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S1.2C Datasheet
The Thermotron S1.2C Temperature Test Chamber can be used for a wide variety of prototype and durability tests, and production component screening. High and low temperature, humidity, and temperature/humidity tests can all be performed in this chamber.

The S1.2C Temperature Test Chamber is equipped with either the 2800 or 4800 Programmer/Controller giving you 256 programmable intervals and up to 4 auxiliary outputs. The unit has the Therm-Alarm to protect the chamber and test product from temperatures in excess of prescribed limits. The S1.2C utilizes integrated instrumentation and controls, so the unit is reliable and easy to use.
Thermotron S1.2C Features
  • Temperature Range: -73°C to +177°C (-100°F to +350°F)
  • Workspace Dimension: 1.2 cubic feet (16/41 x 11/28 x 12/31 in/cm)
  • Standard 2800 Programmer/Controller - for easy set up and accurate control
  • Built-in Therm-Alarm - protects product under test and chamber from potentially damaging out-of-tolerance conditions
  • Quick delivery - most S-Series chambers are available for immediate shipment, no costly delays
  • UL Approved - satisfies most local code requirements
  • High quality insulation, silicone gaskets and high volume circulation fan - for uniform temperature and humidity conditions
  • Adjustable stainless shelf - increases the number of products that may be tested at one time
  • Stainless steel flanged port with insulating plug - provides wiring access to product under test
  • Multi-pane window and internal light with external switch - makes visual product monitoring convenient