Thermotron SE-3000 Environmental Chamber

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Thermotron SE-3000 Environmental Chambers expose products to a variety of temperatures and humidity levels, offering a complete and comprehensive way to improve product reliability. Thermotron SE-3000 chambers provide accurate and reliable test results. With more standard features and better performance capabilities than comparable chambers on the market, SE-3000 chambers improve products through dynamic testing solutions.

With workspaces volume of 104 ft³, Thermotron SE-3000 chambers reach temperatures of -70°C to 180°C. By utilizing high-performance compressors in multiple size configurations and direct airflow over the product under test, the SE-3000 Chambers can help achieve superior testing results. The patented humidity system provides a wide range of humidity conditions, and the Thermotron SE-3000 offers multiple features that assist in monitoring the product under test to maximize test results, including innovative data acquisition and Product Temperature Control.

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