Thermotron SE-3000 Temperature & Humidity Chamber

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The Thermotron SE-3000 Temperature and Humidity Chamber provides flexibility for a competitive marketplace. Diverse compressor size options in single stage or cascade refrigeration configurations with a 2,945-liter workspace help make this climate chamber fit your exact and unique testing needs. One of the Thermotron SE-3000's unique additional options is the patented Universal Port, which diversifies test lab utilization by allowing the environmental chamber to interface with different conditioning modules such as thermal shock, HALT & HASS, and remote conditioning. The Thermotron SE-3000 environmental chamber can be configured as a temperature only or temperature and humidity chamber. A humidity chamber is equipped with Thermotron’s patented modular humidity system. Because of its modular design, this humidity system can be added to a temperature climate chamber as a field retrofit.

The Thermotron SE-3000 is a model in the Thermotron SE Series.