Thermotron SE Series Temperature & Humidity Chambers

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Thermotron SE Series Environmental Chambers expose products to a variety of temperatures and humidity levels, offering a complete and comprehensive way to improve product reliability. Thermotron SE Series chambers provide accurate and reliable test results. With more standard features and better performance capabilities than comparable chambers on the market, SE-Series chambers improve products through dynamic testing solutions.

With workspaces volume ranging from 10.2 ft³ to 104 ft³ Thermotron SE Series chambers reach temperatures of -70°C to 180°C. By utilizing high-performance compressors in multiple size configurations and direct airflow over the product under test, the SE-Series Chambers can help achieve superior testing results. The patented humidity system provides a wide range of humidity conditions, and the Thermotron SE Series offers multiple features that assist in monitoring the product under test to maximize test results, including innovative data acquisition and Product Temperature Control.

The Thermotron SE Series consists of the following models: Thermotron SE-300Thermotron SE-400Thermotron SE-600, Thermotron SE-1000, Thermotron SE-1200Thermotron SE-1400, Thermotron SE-2000 and Thermotron SE-3000.