Xantrex XDC600-20 Programmable DC Power Supply

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Xantrex XDC600-20 Programmable DC Power Supply
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Xantrex XDC600-20
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Manual XDC600-20 Datasheet
The Xantrex XDC600-20 Programmable DC Power Supply is a three-phase digitally-controlled power source capable of producing an output voltage of 600V, an output current of 20A and a maximum output power of 6000W. Xantrex XDC600-20 models deliver reliable, clean power for OEM, ATE, burn-in, magnet charging, and an array of other measurement and testing applications. Technicians can build and then execute ten different test programs, each capable of holding up to 99 voltage level steps, via an external or manual trigger. Battery charging, simulation of battery voltage, voltage ramp construction, component testing and MIL 704E testing are applications in which the Xantrex XDC600-20 excels as an essential power testing instrument.
Xantrex XDC600-20 Features
  • Ten 99-step auto sequences for easy bench-top programming of complex test routines
  • Zero voltage "soft" switching for low noise output, improved efficiency and higher reliability
  • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) for lower input current draw and lower current harmonic generation
  • Embedded controller
  • Digital processing for highly accurate control
  • Remote sense with 5 V line loss compensation
  • Automatic Voltage/Current mode crossover
  • Constant power mode
  • Seven load-protection mechanisms
  • Alarms and messages for trip points
  • Auxiliary status lines for monitoring power supply conditions
  • Standard RS-232 remote control interface and optional GPIB (IEEE 488.2) port
  • Extensive SCPI command set
Xantrex XDC600-20 Specs
Line Regulation (V) 10 mV
                          (A) 5 mA
Load Regulation (V)  30 mV
                           (A) 10 mA
Meter Accuracy (V)  900 mV
                          (A) 50 mA
Output Noise (0-20 MHz)  95 mV
Xantrex XDC600-20 Standards
  • EN61010-1EN61000-6-2
  • EN61000-6-4
  • CSA C/US certified to UL3111-1 and CSA C22.2 No 1010.1
  • Meets USA EMC standards: FCC, part 15B, Class A 
  • Meets Canadian EMC standards: ICES-001 Class A