Xitron 2802 Two Channel Power Analyzer

Xitron 2802 Two Channel Power Analyzer
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Xitron Power Analyzers 2802
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With an extended measurement range from micro-amps to hundreds of amps and milli-volts to kilovolts, the Xitron 2802 is an ideal analyzer for standby power or Energy Star testing. Numeric results and waveforms can be displayed, read via the communication ports (RS-232, GPIB, USB, and Ethernet), or sent directly at full resolution to a USB printer.


  • Highest Performance-to-Cost ratio in the industry
  • Base accuracy <0.08%. Current and voltage accuracies specified to less than 1 mArms and 1 Vrms respectively (<0.2%)
  • 2000 Vpk and 150 Apk measurable internally (external CT capable)
  • Integrated line switch and inrush waveforms
  • Graphics display shows numerical results, waveforms, bar graphs, startup & history charts with zoom & scroll features
  • Wiring loss and voltage burden compensation
  • DC charge and discharge measurements
  • Frequency Range: DC and 20 mHz – 200 kHz
  • Communications ports include USB, GPIB, and RS-232 standard, plus optional Ethernet
  • USB Flash drive support for data logging
  • Provides PASS/FAIL tests to user limits