Yokogawa WT1600 Digital Power Meter

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The Yokogawa WT1600 Precision Power Analyzer offers superior performance compared to other similar Precision Power Analyzers. Its high precision power accuracy of 0.1% and wide bandwidth power range of DC, 0.5 Hz to 1 MHz makes the Yokogawa WT1600 an ideal instrument for professionals in the field.
A single Yokogawa WT1600 unit can make up to six different power measurements (six inputs each for voltage and current). With the measure start-stop function (synchronized measurement), two Yokogawa WT1600 units (12 inputs) can be synchronized.

In addition to its performance, the Yokogawa WT1600 Precision Power Analyzer rapidly calculates input parameters such as voltage RMS, current RMS, and power. Measurements can be stored in an 11-MB internal memory, which is helpful for applications such as the evaluation of characteristics at motor startup including torque and RPMs (requires the optional motor evaluation function) and the measurement of rapidly fluctuating secondary voltage and lamp current when a light is turned on.