Narda Improves Their Impressive SignalShark Firmware

Narda Improves Their Impressive SignalShark Firmware

Professionals worldwide took part in a webinar on network interference, while devices like the SignalShark received some crucial updates. Learn about these changes and many more with the latest news from Narda Safety Test Solutions.

Narda's Webinar on Interference Between Mobile Networks and the SignalShark

Narda ran a webinar on January 21, 2021, on the subject "Finding Interference in Mobile Cellular Networks with Narda SignalShark".

A large group of people participated in the event and showed a growing interest in field use with the SignalShark. Narda has already noted plans for future seminars that cover similar helpful subjects.

Narda offers an in-depth lesson on their SignalShark technology. Narda illustrates possible issues with interference hunting.  
  Narda provided some helpful updates for their SignalShark firmware.

They also announced a new firmware update package for the device. Package for the SignalShark is now available for download here on the Narda website.

Among other things, the new firmware includes the following adjustments/updates:

  • Support for Quad Core processors
  • Chinese language package support
  • SCPI support for axis switching of three-axis antennas.
  • SCPI support for manual setting of antennas and cable files.
  • Bug fixes

New Updates and Info for the EHP-50F and EHP-200

Narda updated their EHP-50F software. Narda's EHP-200A received recent updates.

The new EHP50-TS Setup version V 2.10 is available to download here from the Narda website. The change only affects the EHP-50-TS PC software. The update eliminates some minor faults and further improves the stability of the software.

A new feature is the ability to choose the separator character used in the text files for the measurement data. This makes it easier to import the data into other applications. Additionally, the limit value curves for IEEE C95.1-2019 and ICNIRP 2020 have been improved.

Operating manuals for EHP-50F and EHP-200 have also been updated. Download the new EHP-50F operating manual here and find the new EHP-200A operating manual at this link.

Narda Seminars

Make your everyday measurements even more efficient.

Narda lecturers aren’t simply professionals, they are recognized experts in their particular fields! Their seminars provide theoretical knowledge along with practical measurement techniques based on years of experience, something money can't buy.

Sign up for any of the following trainings and seminars here on the Narda website.

Next appointment:

"Exposure Measurements on Wireless Transmitters Using the SRM-3006"

  • Monday 19th to Wednesday 21st April 2021 in Pfullingen (German or English language)
An EMF seminar can help when using the Narda SRM-3006.

EMF seminar:

"Exposure Measurements on Wireless Transmitters Using the SRM-3006"

This seminar is aimed at beginners, more experienced, and professional users in the field of selective measurement of electromagnetic fields, both theoretical and practical. It is also ideal for those users and others interested in optimizing application-specific use of the SRM. Ideally, participants will bring their own SRM to the seminar, and will already understand the basic functions of the device.

Seminar contents:

  • Basic principles of field strength measurement
  • Introduction to the SRM and the SRM-TS software
  • Theoretical and practical application measurement exercises and use of the SRM-TS software
  • Building and improving theoretical understanding of high-frequency measurements
  • Expanding practical experience with a range of practical measurement examples
  • Emissions measurements at 5G base stations with and without beamforming: Technical challenges

3-day seminar!

Narda has extended the EMF seminar to a third day by customer request. The extra day will cover the following topics:

  • Practical measurements using the SRM-3006 to determine safety zones around antennas
  • Capturing broadcast signals (VHF / DVB-T)
  • Measuring mobile wireless emissions, including extrapolation to the maximum equipment load
  • Evaluation of the results, and comparison with limit values
  • Procedure for measuring and correct evaluation of pulsed high-frequency signals (e.g. radar)
  • Strategies for determining safety zones around transmitting antennas
  • Wideband assessment of high-frequency emissions present (e.g. for measurement campaigns in public places) using automatic overview measurements in "Safety Evaluation" mode

This “practical day” can also be booked separately. This can only be done if the intended participants already possess the knowledge imparted on days 1 and 2 of the seminar.

The EMF seminar "Exposure Measurements on Wireless Transmitters Using the SRM-3006" is available for the following dates:

  • Monday 19th to Wednesday 21st April 2021 in Pfullingen
  • Monday 18th to Wednesday 20th October 2021 in Pfullingen

Direction Finding seminar:

Localization and identification of signals using the Real-Time Handheld Analyzer SignalShark and Direction Finder IDA 2 (includes interference analysis)

This seminar is aimed at first-time users of the SignalShark and IDA, as well as professionals and information technologists with a grounding in signal analysis and interference measurement in the field of electromagnetic signals. Ideally, participants will bring their own instruments to the seminar, and will already understand the basic functions of the device.

  The Narda IDA Directional Shielded Loop Antenna The Narda IDA Directional Log Periodic Antenna 3  

Seminar contents:

  • Fundamentals and tutorials on signal analysis, signal recognition, and direction-finding.
  • Practical exercises and demonstrations

Field Simulation seminar

The WinField application when used with the EFC-400.

An in-depth dive into the ergonomic applications of EFC-400 software (WinField).

The EFC-400 Simulation Software computes electromagnetic fields using a practically unlimited number of network elements such as conductors, line segments, buildings, and antennas. It features high-speed computation, ease of use, and efficiency. Users can create all the necessary network elements or import them. The software displays all the elements together in a clear fashion with the simulation result.

Seminar contents:

  • Field calculation theory
  • Explanation of the basic functions
  • Application in practical examples
  • Concrete examples from experience
  • Input on participants’ application examples

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