Adash A4400 VA4 Pro II Vibration Analyzer

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The Adash A4400 VA4 Pro II is a 4-channel vibration analyzer that provides a frequency range of up to 90 kHz, an FFT resolution of 3,276,800 lines, and is fully equipped with a Triaxial accelerometer and full software. The A4400 VA4 Pro II is uniquely designed to achieve all your vibration diagnostic needs. This vibration analyzer includes modules for analyzing, data collecting, and vibration signal recording. 

​The A4400 VA4 Pro II's different modules allow for dynamic balancing, measurement of run up and coast down, acoustic measurement mode, ultrasound measurement, monitoring and control of lubrication process, and listening to the vibration signal with the stethoscope feature. With the A4400 VA4 Pro II, you can record up to 4 channels simultaneously for up to 20 hours of signal recording.