AEMC H111 Hipot / Insulation Resistance Tester

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AEMC H111 Hipot / Insulation Resistance Tester, 50 - 60Hz
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AEMC Instruments H111
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H111 Datasheet
50 - 60Hz, Hipot / Insulation Resistance Tester
AEMC Instruments H111 Features
  • No load setup of trip current and output voltage
  • Large 24 x 2 character LCD with adjustable backlight
  • Quick and easy setup from the front panel
  • Electronic ramping and testing
  • Line and load regulation
  • Selectable output frequency
  • Adjustable ARC detect level
  • Storage of up to 10 tests, 16 steps for each test
  • Adjustable ouput voltage during test
  • Flashing high voltage indicator
  • PLC remote control
  • Data lock function
  • RS-232 Interface
AEMC Instruments H111 Specs
AC Hipot
Voltage Range 100V to 5000V ac (5KV)
Voltage Step Resolution 5V
Voltage Regulation ±1% of Reading ± 5V
Accuracy ±2% of Reading ± 10V (>500V)
Test Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz (selectable)
Current 0.10mA to 40mA in 0.02mA steps
Max Current Output 40mA @ 5kV
Accuracy ±2% of Reading ±2cts
Ramp and Test Time 0.000s to 999.9s
Continuity Check>
Resistance Range 0.001Ω to 1.500Ω
Test Current 100mA (0.1A)
Detect Accuracy 0.1Ω @ 1Ω
ARC Detection
Detect Current Selectable in 1mA steps from 2 to 20mA
AEMC Instruments H111 Applications
  • Test dielectric strength of electrical insulation
  • Test ground circuit continuity of 3-wire appliances and devices
  • Detect workmanship defects, such as nicks in wires and components
  • Measure insulation resistance.