Chroma 19036 Wound Component EST Analyzer

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Chroma 19036
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19036 Datasheet
The Chroma 19036 Wound Component EST Analyzer is the industry's first Wound Component Electrical Safety Test (EST) Analyzer that combines the functions of impulse test, hipot, insulation resistance and DC resistance measurements. It has 5kVac/ 6kVdc high voltage output, 5kV insulation resistance, 6kV layer short impulse voltage and 4-wire DC resistance measurement that can comply with the wound components test demands by providing maximum 10 channels output for multichannel scanning tests to save time and labor costs. The test items for wound components include AC/ DC hipot test, IR test, IWT (Impulse Winding Test) and DCR (DC Resistance). Chroma integrates the above tests into 19036 Wound Component EST Analyzer that can perform safety tests on wound components like motors, transformers and solenoid valves to verify their quality.
Chroma 19036 Features
  • 5 in 1 (10 channels) composite analyzer (ACWV/DCWV/IR/Impulse/DCR)
  • Hi-pot test
    • 5kVac / 6kVdc
    • HSCC (High Speed Contact Check)
    • 500 VA output
  • Insulation Resistance test 5kV Max.
  • Impulse Winding Test (IWT)
    • High sampling rate (200MHz)
    • 6kV impulse voltage
  • Support max. 40 channels scanning test
  • English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese User Interface
  • USB waveform storage & Hard copy function
  • Graphic color display
  • Standard LAN, USB, RS232 interface
  • GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) for body protection
Chroma 19036 Specs
Output Voltage: AC: 0.05~5.0kV / DC : 0.05~6.0kV
Load Regulation: ≤(1% of output + 0.1% of full scale)
Voltage Accuracy: ±(1% of setting + 0.1% of full scale)
Voltage Resolution: 2V
Cutoff Current: AC: 0.001mA~120mA (Voltage ≤4kV)
AC: 0.001mA~100mA (Voltage >4kV)
DC: 0.0001mA~20mA
Current Accuracy: ±(1% of reading + 0.5% of range)
Test Timer: Test time:0.3 ~ 999 sec., and continue
Ramp / Fall / Dwell time:0.1 ~ 999 sec., and off
Output Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz (for AC)
Waveform: Sine wave (for AC)