Associated Research 510L LineChek Line Leakage Tester

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The Model 510L LINECHEK Line Leakage Tester is used for line leakage and Dielectric Withstand (Hipot) testing. The Model 510L LINECHEK provides the capability of meeting the line leakage test specified in the following standards; UL 544, IEC 950, UL 1950, IEC 601-1, UL 2601, UL 1563, UL 3101, IEC 1010 and others. The Line Leakage test is a test which measures the leakage current of a product through a circuit which is designed to simulate the impedance of the human body , this circuit is called the Measuring Device (MD). The instrument has five different MD circuits, selectable through the menu, which are representative circuits designed to simulate the impedances of the human body under different conditions.