Vitrek V79 4 Wire 30A Ground Bond Tester

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Vitrek V79 4 Wire 30A Ground Bond Tester
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Vitrek V79
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Manual V79 Datasheet
The Vitrek V79 4 Wire 30A Ground Bond Tester is part of the V7X Series of high performance, low cost hipot testers. With color touch LCD & high speed DSP technology, the compact and rugged V7X sets the standard for price/performance ratio. Made in the USA to meet tough UL, TUV and IEC requirements - the V7X provides unbeatable speed, accuracy, safety and reliability.
Vitrek V79 Features
  • Easy to Use
    • 4.3" High Resolution Color Touch Display - Intuitive Graphical User Interface
    • Large High Reliability START and STOP switches
    • Large easy to see PASS/FAIL Indicators
  • Easy to Own
    • Low Cost of Ownership - 2 Year Calibration Interval, 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
    • In-Field Updating of Firmware
    • Compact and Lightweight
    • Only consumes 5W when not testing
  • High Quality
    • Made in the USA - Designed & Built in San Diego CA
  • Reliable
    • Rugged Construction
    • Fan free, vent free Design
    • High Efficiency Switch-Mode Drive with low temperature rise
  • Full Function
    • Fast (100ms min test time) and Accurate (1%)
      • 5 Functions - AC/DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond & Low Resistance
      • 5KV AC/DC Hipot, 20mA max source current, 100nA Leakage Current Resolution
      • Continuously Variable Insulation Resistance 20-5000V up to 450GΩ
      • Ground Bond 1-30A RMS, 100µΩ Resolution
      • Wide range (0 to 60KΩ) low resistance measurements with 1mΩ resolution
    • Ramped Discharge Capability
    • Selectable ARC Detection
    • Multi-Mode IR with Steady or Rising Pass Mode
    • Able to test either grounded or non-grounded DUTs
    • Wide range of capacitive loads can be tested (up to several µF)
  • Built-In Verification
    • Completely Internal Self-Test Fully Exercises Output and Verifies Current Accuracy
    • Pre-Programmed Daily Verification Test With Optional PVD Test Load
  • Safe
    • 150µs Safety Shutdown
    • Automatic DUT Discharge
    • Meets UL, CSA, IEC Safety Tester Requirements
    • CE Safety Mark Certified to EN61010
  • Equally at home in simple and complex systems
    • USB 2.0, Serial RS232 and Digital I/O Interfaces are Standard
    • Able to be used in Complex Multi-Point Scanning Systems
    • Test Memory Stores up to 999 Steps and 60 Test Sequences which can be named by the user
    • Test steps for on-screen prompted user actions
    • On-screen review of complete test results for every test step
Vitrek V79 Specs
Low Resistance
Resistance Range: 0ohm to 60Kohm
  Accuracy : 1.4 %+0.02Ω (<10Ω), 3%+1ohm (<1KΩ), 10% above 1KΩ Resolution : Down to 0.001Ω
  Min/Max Limits : Defined for each step, each may be set to none
Test Method 2 terminal measurement , 10.5mA max, 4.15V max
Resistance Offset Test leads/fixture measurement offset may be universally applied
Ground Bond
Test Current 1 to 30Arms (42A pk), 50/60Hz
  Accuracy : 2.5%+10mA
  Resolution : settable to 0.01A at all levels
  Compliance: > 4.5Vrms (6V pk) for all currents
Method 4 terminal measurement
Resistance Max Resistance: Up to compliance V limit at defined test current (4.5ohms max)
  Min/Max Limits : Defined for each step, min may be set to none
  Accuracy : 2.5%+3mΩ (<2A), 2mΩ (<6.5A), 1mΩ (otherwise) Resolution : 0.1mΩ (>6.5A), 1mΩ (otherwise)
Resistance Offset Test leads/fixture measurement offset may be universally applied
Test Timing
Test/Dwell Time 0.1 to 9999sec or user end (0.1sec resolution, 0.15sec accuracy)
Ramp Down May be set to 0sec or same as Ramp time, automatically skipped if no failure and next step is same AC/DC or IR test type
Shutdown Breakdown : within 150us
  HV Safety : within 1ms
  User Stop or Interlock opened : within 2ms
  Resistance/Current Limit : within 100ms