QuadTech Sentry 50 Plus 30 Amp Ground Bond Tester

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Rent QuadTech Sentry 50 Plus 30 Amp Ground Bond Tester
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Quadtech Sentry 50 Plus
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Sentry 50 Plus Datasheet
The QuadTech Sentry 50 Plus Ground Bond Tester provides up to 30 Amps for high current testing to even the most stringent standards. The front panel of the Sentry instrument includes a digital display and user friendly control allowing test parameters and limits to be set easily without the high current activated.
Quadtech Sentry 50 Plus Features
  • Programmable Output Current from 3A to 30A AC
  • Programmable Source Voltage from 1.0 to 8.0V rms
  • Resistance Measurements from 0.1mW to 510mW
  • Programmable High and Low Limits
  • Programmable Test Time
  • Storage of 99 Tests Setups with Multiple Steps per Measurement
  • Remote I/O Interface
  • Graphic LCD
  • Front Panel Lockout
  • 4-Terminal Kelvin Connection
  • Built-in Calibration Software
  • Compatible with Sentry & Guardian Series Hipot Testers
Quadtech Sentry 50 Plus Specs
Output Current Range: 3.00A to 30A AC
Resolution: 0.01A, 3-30A
Accuracy:±(1.5% of setting + 0.15A)
Accuracy:±(1.5% of reading + 0.15A)
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz, ±0.1%
Source Voltage Range: 1.0V to 8.0V rms
Resolution: 0.1Volt/step
Resistance Range: 0.1mΩ - 510mΩ
Accuracy: ± (2% of reading + 2.6mΩ)
Limits High: 0.1mΩ - 510mΩ
Low: 0.1mΩ - High Limit, or OFF
Offset 0 to 100mΩ, user selectable
Indication Pass/Fail display, LEDs & audible alarm
Test Time 0.5 to 999s
Continuous Mode