Aeroflex IFR 2026Q CDMA Interferer MultiSource Generator

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Aeroflex IFR 2026Q CDMA Interferer MultiSource Generator
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Aeroflex (IFR) 2026Q
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2026Q Datasheet
The 2026Q is designed to produce a fully calibrated combined RF output containing any mix of internally generated interference signals from its two RF sources, together with a calibrated signal path for a radio test set transmit output. A return path from the transceiver back to the radio test set receiver input is also provided through the instrument. This allows a CDMA receiver to be tested for sensitivity in the presence of single or dual tone interference. The interfering signals are combined without the need for any RF switching mechanism that would otherwise affect the test result. 
Aeroflex (IFR) 2026Q Features
  • Two tone interference generation for AMPS/CDMA receiver testing in accordance with IS-97-A/IS-98-A
  • Combiner output frequency range from 800 MHz to 2.0 GHz
  • Provides single calibrated point of reference for the transceiver under test
  • Excellent phase noise and spectral purity
  • Elimination of additional RF combining or signal conditioning
  • High internal isolation of returned signals
  • Includes two independent, fully featured 10 kHz to 2.4 GHz RF signal generators
  • Very low levels of internally generated intermodulation products
  • Single unit solution for CDMA interference testing
Aeroflex (IFR) 2026Q Accessories
  • Option 01= Add Third Internal Source
  • Option 03= High Stability Frequency Standard
  • Option 04= Rear Panel Outputs