Keysight N5172B EXG X-Series RF Vector Signal Generator

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The Keysight N5172B EXG X-Series RF Vector Signal Generator operates on a frequency range of 9 kHz to 6 GHz. To help you achieve faster throughput and greater uptime, the cost-effective N5172B signal generators are optimized for manufacturing test. With analog and vector models, the Keysight N5172B provides the signals you’ll need for basic parameter testing of components and functional verification of receivers. 

The N5172B vector signal generator allows the user to maximize test margins on the production line with industry leading ACPR as well as throughput with < 800 µs simultaneous switching of frequency, power and waveform type. Other useful qualities include rapid, accurate tests using Signal Studio’s predefined, standards-based waveforms and the size and portability of the product. The Keysight N5172B can be shrunk to fit into a standard two rack-unit area of the lab or workplace.