AEN 134: OTDR Testing Basic


IEC 60601-1-2: Medical Electrical Equipment - Collateral standard: Electromagnetic compatibility - Requirements and tests

Products Used in Testing:

Advanced Amplifiers Advanced Amplifiers AA-16G-150 Solid State Amplifier | 1.0 - 6.0 GHz, 150 W

The Advanced Amplifiers AA-16G-150 is a solid state continuous wave, high-linearity class AB power amplifier that operates over a frequency range of 1.0 - 6.0 GHz and generates 150 W of power. Its revolutionary design offers a...

Advanced Amplifiers
Amplifier Research Amplifier Research CI00250A RF Conducted Immunity System

The Model CI00250A is a fully self-contained state of the art system designed to test RF Conducted Immunity. The CI00250A contains all the instruments needed to perform conducted immunity testing to the IEC 61000-4-6...

Amplifier Research
Compliance West Compliance West MegaPulse D5-PF Defibrillation Proof Tester

This is an IEC 60601 Defibrillation-proof tester. For the Energy Reduction test, joules consumed in the 100Ω resistor are immediately displayed after each pulse. The MegaPulse D5-PF tests protection against the effects of...

Compliance West
EM TEST EM Test CWS 500N1 Continuous Wave Simulator, 80W

The CWS 500N1 Continuous Wave Simulator is the most compact single box test equipment for testing conducted RF immunity as per IEC 61000-4-6, 60601-1-2, and related standards with a frequency range of 100kHz to 300MHz. Apart...