Amprobe UAT-600-T Underground Utilities Locator Transmitter

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The Amprobe UAT-600-T Underground Utilities Locator is a transmitter that makes finding buried utilities easier and more efficient. The UAT-600-T transmitter works at operating frequencies of 8 kHz and 33 kHz, automatically choosing the best locating function depending on which accessory is connected to the device. The equipment also has an LCD display and a beeping audio indicator so the user can better track the signal and frequencies.

The Amprobe UAT-600-T Underground Utilities Locator transmitter allows for three active modes when using the locator kit: induction, clamp, and direct connection with test leads. With the induction mode, the transmitter uses an internal antenna to give off a signal and find cables that are completely buried. The clamp is a safe solution to find underground cables that don't allow for electrical contact. Through a direct connection with test leads, the UAT-600-T transmitter offers the most reliable method in finding underground utilities.

The Amprobe UAT-600-R Underground Utilities Locator Reciever is also available for rent to be used with the UAT-600-T transmitter.