Megger L1070 Portable Locator

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Unparalleled in capability, the L1070 Portable Locator locates buried cable and pipe in various situations. Capable of locating long or short ranges, inductive or conductive, active or passive, the units deliver quick and accurate results with a user-friendly interface. Operating the receiver at multiple frequencies optimizes performance for the specific needs of the user. Low frequency of 815 Hz provides longer range and reduced errors from adjacent cables, ideal for electric power services. High 82 kHz frequency will path locate past bad telephone bonds, locate underground stubs and permit inductive locating with either the optional flexible coupler or direct soil induction. A special design feature on both units allow the user to select and compare receiver information on two frequencies simultaneously, without having to return to the transmitter. Excellent passive 50/60 Hz locating will pinpoint active power lines and other utilities where AC is present without the use of the transmitter.