Associated Research 5400DT Hipot AC Dielectric Withstand Tester

Associated Research 5400DT HypotPLUS AC Dielectric Withstand Tester
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Associated Research 5400DT
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5400DT Datasheet
The Associated Research 5400DT HypotPLUS is a dielectric withsand and ground continuity test system.
Associated Research 5400DT Features
  • Solid State Electronic Voltage Control
    Provides smooth voltage control without the use of typical variable transformers which induce noise and spikes into the output test voltage
  • Electronic Ramping
    Electronically generates a linear voltage rate of rise while maintaining a stable sine wave output
  • Post-Test Current Sensing System
    Ensures the item under test is properly connected and voltage is correctly applied
  • Electronic Line & Load Regulation
    Maintains output voltage at a steady level even when input voltage or load varies
  • and more . . .
Associated Research 5400DT Specs
  • 0 to 5KVAC, 20mA hipot tester
  • 5002D High Current Ground Bond Continuity Tester
  • 3 to 30amp output.
  • Ramping, line/load regulation
  • remote I/O
  • dwell timer
  • digital metering
  • audio/visual failure detector