Baker EXP4000 SKF Dynamic Motor Analyzer

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Rent Baker EXP4000 SKF Dynamic Motor Analyzer
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Baker Instruments EXP4000
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Manual Specifications
The Baker EXP4000 SKF Dynamic Motor Analyzer is the latest generation of low-voltage, battery-operated instruments that test motors and generators in-service, or while they are in operation. The EXP4000 provides health and performance data on the motor, the motor's load, and incoming power to assess motor performance and suitability in context of the entire machine system it supports.

This instrument conducts fully remote monitoring from Motor Control Centres (MCCs). It is a portable, low-voltage battery-operated unit designed for rugged use in tight, adverse environments.

This in-service motor analyzer takes the next step in providing complete P/PM programs. It provides root cause analysis through the separation of mechanical and electrical issues. The EXP4000 was designed to pinpoint challenges (voltage source, VFD, motor, load) your rotating machinery faces. This self-contained portable instrument is computer driven with proven engineering, allowing all testing to be accomplished directly from the MCC or from the SKF EP connection.
Baker Instruments EXP4000 Specs
Input Power 110-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz integrated power supply
Maximum Rated Measurement/Testing Voltage 1,000 V AC, 500 V DC
Current Transformers
(all portable)
0-10 A, 0-150 A, 1-1,000 A, 0-3,000 A
Connections – Amphenol military spec twist type Power entry module (1)
Portable voltage connection (1)
Portable current connection (1)
EP Port (1)
Vibration sensor connection (1)
Computer specifications 40 GB – 4,200 rpm or better
512 MB - 2GB installed RAM
Battery or AC power operated
Software Platform: Microsoft Windows XP, Professional, Windows 7 or better
USB 2.0