Electrom Instruments PP-II Power Pack

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The Electrom Instruments PP-II Power Pack is a portable two lead high voltage motor tester with an additional ground lead for the motor frame. These power packs are available in 18kV, 24kV, and 30kV options. Electrom Power Pack II instruments can produce surge test output energies from 16 to 45 J depending on the voltage option used. The Electrom Instruments PP-II Power Pack allows users to perform Hipot/Step Voltage tests, Ramp tests and Surge Comparison tests. Insulation resistance tests such as megohm, DAR and PI tests can be done with either the iTIG II or the PP-II. Simply connect the PP-II Power Pack unit to any iTIG II instrument and the PP-II will send test data to the iTIG II which processes, stores and displays the results.