Magtrol HD-800 Hysteresis Dynamometer

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The Magtrol HD-800 Hysteresis Dynamometer is a versatile test equipment device that does not require speed to create torque. The Magtrol HD-800 has a maximum torque range of 14 Nm and a compressed air brake cooling method. All Magtrol Hysteresis Dynamometers have accuracy ratings of ± 0.25% full scale and the Magtrol HD-800. 

The HD-800 dynamometer has Magtrol's innovative M-Test-7 software, a state-of-the-art motor testing program made for PC-based data acquisition. The software works specifically with the Magtrol HD-800 as well as any other dynamometer made by Magtrol. The Magtrol HD-800 includes application use in test laboratories, inspection stations, hydraulic motors, and internal combustion engines. 

The Magtrol HD-800 is a Hysteresis Dynaometer a part of Magtrol's HD series.