Electrom Instruments iTIG II 15kV Motor Tester and Winding Analyzer with Optional Partial Discharge

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The Electrom Instruments iTIG II is a 15kV electrical motor tester and winding analyzer that combines technology from micro-ohm to high frequency surge tests and partial discharge measurements into a single light weight instrument. The Electrom Instruments iTIG II motor tester and winding analyzer offers fully automatic high voltage testing capabilities and provides high accuracy low voltage measurements such as µΩ resistance, capacitance, inductance, and impedance. iTIG II instruments can generate fully automatic software-controlled surge voltage pulses at high pulse rates up to 50 Hz. Each test performed by the iTIG II can be repeated the same way every time regardless of operator. Preset test parameters and templates are available, and assembled motors can be surge tested without turning the rotor. Simply press the start button and all selected tests will be done without operator intervention. Reports are automatically generated, named and stored by the Electrom Instruments iTIG II D model with a click of the print button. This product also offers the CLZ option which includes measurements of inductance, impedance, and phase angle for windings and coils.

Electrom Instruments iTIG II 15kV is part of the Electrom Instruments iTIG II Series. Additional accessories including 18kV, 24kV, and 30kV power packs are also available.