PdMA M4050 Emax 5kV AC/DC Online Electric Motor Analyzer

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The PdMA M4050 Emax 5kV AC/DC Online Electric Motor Analyzer offers a versatile approach to troubleshooting and trending de-energized electric motors with its 5 kV range. The motor analyzer is equipped with a fully functional laptop computer and MCEGold motor management software. The software records the entire history of the electric motor along with the latest acceptance criteria from IEEE and NEMA. Each test with the PdMA M4050 is followed by Red or Yellow color-coded alarms to identify test data that is outside of the acceptance criteria.

The pdMA M4050 is portable, battery powered, and effectively tests low, medium, and high voltage motors. Loaded with torque and efficiency analysis as well as impedance and phase angle management, the testing possibilities are varied and impressive. Data from this motor analyzer includes current spectral analysis, voltage imbalance, phase impedance, efficiency, and energy cost analysis. The case is made of ultra-high impact ABS material for ruggedness while being easy to carry and not requiring AC power.