Baur DPA 75C Portable Oil Tester

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Baur DPA 75C
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DPA 75C Datasheet
The Baur DPA 75C Portable Oil Tester is developed especially for mobile usage and it is unique in the market due to its functionality and the excellent user benefits in comparison to the costs. The BAUR DPA 75 C provides delivers clear and reliable measurement results. It is no longer necessary to send samples to the laboratory. Environmental and transport influences on the samples are minimized. Due to its design, the tester BAUR DPA 75 C is particularly handy, easy to operate and especially excellent to use under tough ambient conditions.

The breakdown voltage test with Baur DPA 75 C is used to evaluate the degree of impurity in insulating liquids due to foreign particles and water. It meets current regulations and is economically useful to protect electrical systems such as transformers and switches, as well as, medical and security systems from damage and breakdowns. The main reason for such damage is the poor condition of the insulating oil.
Baur DPA 75C Features
  • Fully automatic measurement of the dielectric
  • strength of insulating oil up to 75kV
  • Integrated battery with long operation time out in the field
  • Clear and reliable results through the latest measurement technology
  • Repeatable breakdown measurement in mineral, silicone and natural ester
  • Modern and robust design for onsite testing