High Voltage DTS 100D Oil Dielectric Test Set

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The High Voltage DTS 100D Oil Dielectric Test Set is a 100kVAC dielectric oil tester that measures the breakdown voltage of the insulating fluids found in circuit breakers, transformers, capacitors, bushings, and more electrical components. The DTS 100D operates at three motorized rates of rise: 500V, 2000V or 3000V per second. Designed for field and laboratory use, this unit offers a simple rate of rise selector switch, arc detection capabilities with automatic shutdown and a zero start safety interlock provision. A High Voltage DTS 100D is designed as a one piece portable unit. For test observation, a window panel is provided, as well as a failure indicator. Compliant with IEC 156, ASTM D877, ASTM D1816 test standards.