Megger OTS60PB Automatic Oil Test Set

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Megger OTS60PB Automatic Oil Test Set
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Megger OTS60PB
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OTS60PB Datasheet
The Megger OTS60PB Automatic Oil Test Set is a portable, microprocessor-controlled oil tester featuring a test voltage of 60 kV, an internal and rechargeable 12 V power supply and a 1 kV resolution screen. Megger OTS60PB testing kits are fully automatic and designed to simplify on-site testing, with an easy, load-and-test oil analysis vessel and user-predefined test sequences. A clear LCD screen interface provides numerous test options and guides engineers through a set-up program, indicating to users the correct electrodes and gap to use and showing progress as the test goes on. Results can be calculated numerically or according to a pass or fail message depending on the engineer's preference.
Megger OTS60PB Features
  • 60 kV test voltage
  • 1 kV resolution
  • 12 V internal rechargeable battery
  • Fully automatic, pass/fail limit setting
  • Four test vessels included
Megger OTS60PB Accessories
  • Padded protective carrying case with handle and shoulder strap
  • 4 x 600 ml capacity oil test vessels without lid
  • Pair of spherical electrodes (fitted)
  • Pair of mushroom electrodes
  • Pair of cylindrical electrodes
  • Oil test set preparation kit comprising:
    • 2 magnetic stirrers
    • 2 mushroom electrodes 1 in. (25.4mm) 
    • 2 cylindrical electrodes 36 mm 
    • Eelectrode spacing gauge: 1, 2, 2,5 and 4 mm spacing