Megger IDAX300 Insulation Diagnostic Analyzer

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The Megger IDAX300 is a compact, 3-channel input system that provides accurate and reliable insulation assessment for transformers, bushings, generators, and cables. The IDAX300 allows for quality maintenance and load and service life optimization. This user-friendly device provides vital and precise analysis. IDAX300 measures the capacitance and tan delta/power factor of the insulation between power transformer windings at multiple frequencies. Plotting the results as a curve makes it possible to assess the condition of the oil and solid insulation, assess the moisture level in the solid insulation and other potential insulation problems.
The IDAX300 comes in different models, such as the Megger IDAX300S and the IDAX350. The IDAX300S has all the applications of the regular IDAX300 model, but it also has two ammeters, which allows technicians to take simultaneous measurements. Megger IDAX300 analyzers are smaller, lighter, and faster than IDAX 206 models. The IDAX300 maintains better accuracy and ability to provide reliable data using true DFR (Dielectric Frequency Response), also known as FDS (Frequency Domain Spectroscopy), without compromises.