Phenix Technologies LD60 Liquid Dielectric Test Set

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Load Dump pulses simulate the sudden disconnection (e.g. by corrosion) of the battery from the alternator while the alternator is generating current to load the battery. Such Load Dump pulses are high energy pulses with a high potential of destruction.

The LD 200S19 is a standalone pulse generator including a 60V/25A DC coupling/decoupling network but still it can be integrated easily into a complete test system. Operation is both manual and by software via GPIB or RS232. Fail inputs allow to control an ongoing test sequence based on the status of the DUT. A warning lamp control contact is provided as well as a safety interlock. Pre-programmed Standard Test routines for standards such as ISO 7637 allow highest user convenience.

The LD 200S19 generates the Load Dump pulses Test 1, Test 2 (Giant Pulse) and Test 3 as per Toyota specification.