Chroma 62000D Series Bidirectional DC Power Supply Series

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The Chroma 62000D Series Bidirectional DC Power Supply Series is an optimal instrument to supply renewable and reliable power thanks to its two-quadrant operation. The 62000D Series can operate with both positive current/positive voltage and negative current/positive voltage. Not just using a DC power output, this power supply has regenerative DC loading to take in energy and deliver it back into the grid.

The instruments in this series are ideally-used to test power systems with renewable energy, but can also help test the parts in electric vehicles. The Chroma 62000D power supplies are made with versatility in mind, as a device in this series can be used on inputs from 200Vac to 480Vac without configuring it for extra use.

Even with that helpful range, supplies in the Chroma 62000D Series maintain consistent power. The devices are capable of 18kW, generating a possible 180kW of power when users parallel the instruments. The various power supplies in this series also offer an excellent range in voltage and current ratings, reaching 1800V and 540A, respectively.