Cincinnati Sub-Zero VTS-3-6-6 Thermal Shock Chamber

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The Cincinnati Sub-Zero VTS-3-6-6 Thermal Shock Chamber is a two-zone, air to air chamber consisting of a hot and a cold zone. This chamber is transferred between these zones for rapid product temperature changes. The Cincinnati Sub-Zero VTS-3-6-6 offers 1 cubic foot of interior workspace volume, superior performance, and small footprint. Other standard features including door safety interlocks and removable panels. The lower chamber also contains both heating/cooling and may be programmed and operated as a separate temperature cycling chamber for greater return on investment.

The Cincinnati Sub-Zero VTS-3-6-6 has a unique chamber design that passes equal volumes of high velocity conditioned air over the product, resulting in rapid product temperature changes. The induced thermal stresses can reveal hidden manufacturing defects in electronic sub-assemblies and other components by the expansion and contraction of critical parts.