Espec TSA 303EL-W Thermal Shock Chamber

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The Espec TSA 303EL-W Thermal Shock Chamber is a user-friendly device that is powered by advanced technology. While inside the chamber, test subjects remain in the position they were placed at the start of the test while being kept at the desired temperature through the horizontal airflow system. The horizontal design assures uniform results, providing valid data for the researcher.

The Espec TSA 303EL-W utilizes the latest refrigeration technology such as an electronic expansion valve and scroll compressor. Two temperature sensors in the test area monitor the products during testing. The exposure time is also recorded and the information can be further broken down by exposure to specific temperatures. The 9" display allows the user to view all of the relevant information needed from the Espec TSA 303EL-W with the ability to transport the data via USB.