Espec TSE-12-A Thermal Shock Chamber

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The Espec TSE-12-A Thermal Shock Chamber is a two-zone chamber that subjects specimens to consistent thermal stress. The Espec TSE-12-A Thermal Shock Chambers are created expressly to satisfy the requirements of MIL, IEC, JASO, and other international testing standards. For small-volume testing, the portable TSE-12-A model is an ideal choice. Espec TSE-12-A chambers are equipped with N-instrumentation for better operability and visibility, enabling remote monitoring and control over an ethernet connection. The TSE-12-A thermal shock chambers can be utilized in a variety of sectors, including research and development, inspection, and production. They deliver consistent degrees of thermal stress to the specimen.

The Espec TSE-12-A comes with two sensors that are attached to the specimen(s). Once the specimen reaches a certain temperature, the STT function either immediately initiates moving the specimen for the next exposure or starts counting the exposure period. This shortens the duration of the test as a whole and guarantees accurate specimen temperatures. After testing has ended or been paused, the TSE-12-A's ambient temperature recovery mechanism pulls in outside air to bring the test space back to the temperature it was before.