Tenney T-Shock Junior Thermal Shock Chamber

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Tenney T-Shock Junior Thermal Shock Chamber
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Tenney T-Shock JR
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T-Shock JR Datasheet Specifications
The Tenney T-Shock Junior is a bench-top thermal shock chamber with a 1/4 cubic foot carriage capacity. It's designed to accommodate pilot runs and smaller production quantities of sophisticated, discrete components. The T-Shock Junior can meet the requirements of MIL-STD 888, method 1010 temperature cycling, and MIL-STD 202, method 107 thermal shock, and MIL-STD 810 method 503.5.
Tenney T-Shock JR Features
  • Vapor-tight interior liners made of 100% continuously welded stainless steel
  • Control system provides fully automatic, PID, chamber control through a user-friendly alpha-numeric display
  • Available in horizontal or vertical configurations
  • Available in two or three Zone operations
  • Carriage transport is automatically positioned and includes a large wire mesh stainless steel product basket.
  • Separate hot and cold chambers
  • Efficient vertical-down airflow system
  • Automatic, motor-driven transport carriage with wire mesh stainless steel basket and electric brake
VersaTenn V Temperature HMI Controller
  • Two channel controller
  • Auto/ manual control
  • Pentium class processor
  • 8 MB flash disk on chip storage
  • USB flash disk port
  • RS-232 communications
  • Color LCD touch screen interface with real-time graphic displays
  • Microsoft Windows CE Operating System
  • Logic circuits automatically select cooling and heating modes
  • Near infinite number of programs and steps possible
  • RTD sensors for temperature measurement
  • 2 process inputs, 10 temperature control outputs, 6 event outputs
  • Alarm output for each channel
  • RS232 data communications
Tenney T-Shock JR Specs
Temperature range
Hot Chamber +40°C to +200°C
Cold Chamber - 65°C to + 200°C
Uniformity ±1.0°C
Carriage Capacity 10.5 X 6 X 6.125
Product Load 3 lbs
Refrigeration (HP) 1/2 + 1/2 + LN2
Heat (KW) 2.5/.5
(W X H X D)
63 X 41 X 22
Weight 700 LBS