Espec Platinum Series Large Volume Environmental Chambers

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Espec Platinum Series Large Volume Environmental Chambers provide more workspace for temperature cycling and humidity testing to validate quality and reliability of large assemblies and completed products. These chambers have temperature change rates up to 15°C per minute, plus controlled humidity from 10 to 95% is available. Espec Platinum Series of Chambers come in four sizes, including the extra-large 112 cubic foot size. The three smaller sizes contain the control console is beside the door, making it easily accessible at all times. The 112 size has a slate-blue and grey exterior with the controller on the door.

Regardless of the size, the Espec Platinum Series has several standard features. These include their stainless-steel interior, hinged service panels for easy access, and specimen power relay. The power relay is useful for interlocking test samples or other external devices to the chamber power source. The variety of Espec Platinum Series models allow you to choose the product best suited for your testing needs and workspace.