Espec TSE-11-A Thermal Shock Chamber, -65°C to 200°C

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The Espec TSE-11-A is a high performance thermal shock chamber ideal for the requirements of test standards of small and low-volume specimen.

Equipped with superior temperature recovery performance capable of answering the requirements of severe test specifications, this thermal shock model offers a wide test area in a compact, slim design.

  • Strip chart recorder, 100mm (records test area, hot zone, & cold zone temperatures)
  • Paperless Recorder with color display (Yokogawa 3-channel FX103)
  • —Secure CompactFlash storage (32M card included), plus PC software
  • Paperless Recorder with color display (Yokogawa 6-channel FX106)
  • —Ethernet connection, secure CompactFlash storage, plus PC software
  • Computer Interface RS-232 in place of RS-485
  • Computer Interface GP-IB (IEEE-488) in place of RS-485
  • Additional product basket (capacity 4 lbs.)
  • Factory calibration certificate (for chamber controller)
  • Factory calibration certificate (for recorder)