Espec TSE-11-A Thermal Shock Chamber

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The Espec TSE-11-A Thermal Shock Chamber is a high performance two-zone chamber ideal for the requirements of test standards of small and low-volume specimen. Specifically designed to meet the needs of MIL, IEC, JASO, and other international testing standards, the Espec TSE-11-A can reach temperature levels as low as -65°C and as high as 200°C. The TSE-11-A comes mounted with the N-instrumentation for improved operability and visibility, making remote monitoring and control via an Ethernet connection possible from your desk.

Espec TSE-11-A thermal shock chambers applies uniform levels of thermal stress to specimens and can be used in a wide range of fields, from research and development through to inspection and production. Rent the TSE-11-A from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals today!