Electro-Tech 949-2 IEC 61000-4-2 Verification Kit

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The Electro-Tech 949-2 is a verification kit that measures the discharge current waveform of ESD pulses sent from ESD simulators. Electro-Tech 949-2 kits include a flat, 2.5GHz frequency response current transducer that adheres to IEC 61000-4-2 design. Transconductance measures at 1A/V to a 50Ohm load. Silver-plated brass offers low surface resistance. A test target is mounted in the center of a plate, and the ESD simulator is placed nearby and connected by a ground cable, with an oscilloscope present to monitor the test. View datasheet for information on measuring HBM waveforms as specified by Mil Std 883C, Method 3015.7 (and ANSI/ESDA STM 5.1 / JEDEC 114 specs), MM waveforms specified in ESDA STM5.2 and MMM or Human Metal Model waveforms with the Electro-Tech 949-2.